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Amelia Emergency Squad Inc. is a non-profit Volunteer Organization that is contracted to the Amelia County 911 system. If you are having an emergency PLEASE CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY, it is possible for the building to be empty at any point in the day due to all crews being on calls. Calling 911 will get help to you in a more timely manner either through mutual aid with a surrounding county or if a crew can be made up of volunteers not on duty at that point in time.

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Advanced Life Support

All of our ambulances can provide advanced life support to ensure the highest level of prehospital care.

County-Wide EMS

Amelia Emergency Squad is the only 911 ambulance agency for the entire county.

Driven by Volunteers

The executive board and many of the providers serve on a volunteer-basis

1000+ 911 Calls Per Year

In the year of 2020, AES responded to over 1,700 911 calls.

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